Felt Therapy sessions are provided for groups, communities, charities, not-for-profit organizations and governmental institutions. Prices are for guidance, contribution for the costs is negotiable as we can partner for joint projects for funding.

Female hand working with felt

Felt Therapy for NGOs and institutions

4-6 persons

Duration of the Therapy:
10 - 15 sessions
Duration of the sessions:
3 hours
Sessions are conducted in premises provided by the commissioning organization.
£75 per session
Cost of materials:
£8 per session per person for materials (wool fibers, silk fibers, fabrics, beads etc.) + agreed contribution for mileage

Funding opportunities for NGOs and institutions:

Besides providing therapeutic and psychosocial support for traumatized girls and women, we also focus on raising awareness for the related causes and raising funds for projects and organizations where due to lack of resources, a full funding of ‘Felt Therapy’ is not accessible.

To assist to cover the costs of the Therapy and the sustainability of the cooperation and the project, art pieces made during the sessions will be shared among the participants, the commissioning organization and SocialFelt.

Art pieces suggested to be used for raising awareness, organizing exhibition or fundraising to support the project.

If your organization would like to provide such psychosocial support for the people you care for but you think you would have difficulties with funding it fully, please feel free to contact me, and we will try to find ways to raise funds for the co-operation.

The sessions:

The therapy course can be extended according to the needs of the participants and the organization.