Aims and Objectives

Social Felt – Craft Touch and Care is an innovative pilot project aiming to provide psychosocial support for marginalized, vulnerable and traumatized groups of children, adolescents, youth and women.

The project is based on the ‘Felt Therapy’, developed by Bernadett Fekete. It is an alternative approach to counselling, psychosocial rehabilitation, healing process, self expression and empowerment, where wool and feltmaking is used as a culture sensitive therapeutic tool and medium.

SocialFelt supports adolescents and women, who are victims and survivors of:

Socialfelt heals with felt

The participants will be able to experience their feelings, sensibilities, capacities and abilities, to reconnect with their body and their inner self, with the wider community and with the society. They will be supported in coming into terms with their feelings of shame, anger and loss; abuse and violence, vulnerability; fears of living in a foreign country. Through the positive experience of ‘Felt Therapy’, they will be helped in coping with difficult circumstances, building self-confidence, and developing resilience to protect themselves.

It will give the opportunity for the participants to belong to somewhere they are valued, their talent is developed, and their voice is heard. Felt Therapy is a group activity, where participants are able to discover the joy of design and craft, sharing ideas and creating. During the creative process there is also space for sharing their feelings and concerns with each other in the presence of a professional.

Group art works of therapeutic sessions to be used in raising awareness of related issues to reduce negative social stigmas and victimization of survivors. It would also contribute for the sustainability of the project by organizing exhibitions, fairs, outlets, auctions and cultural activities.